Hartley 16

 16' (5m) trailer-sailer.

 For construction in plywood or as a mould for grp/frp.

 The little craft that coined the 'trailer-sailer' name and has led the world since. Beam of 7'4" and a total weight of 800lbs, with either centreboard, bilge keels or fin. And either Bermudan or gaff rigged. A 2 berth cabin with room for 2 more in the level cockpit as well as stowage bins each side.

 More than 12,000 of these craft have been built.


 An early mark of a '16' set up for week-end camping

 'Hartley 16', week-end family gathering.

 Click HERE for pictures of commercially produced GRP/FRP Hartley 16's

 Bilge Keels

 Please note that extra details for bilge-keel construction are not enclosed in the regular plan set. Although bilge-keels are an option they are of course not recommended for easy launching and retrieving on a trailer..

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