Hartley 16

 16' (5m) trailer-sailer.

 For construction in plywood or as a mould for grp/frp.

 The little craft that coined the 'trailer-sailer' name and has led the world since. Beam of 7'4" and a total weight of 800lbs, with either centreboard, bilge keels or fin. And either Bermudan or gaff rigged. A 2 berth cabin with room for 2 more in the level cockpit as well as stowage bins each side.

 More than 12,000 of these craft have been built.

 Check out the 'TS16' website at  www.hartley16.org


 An early mark of a '16' set up for week-end camping

 'Hartley 16', week-end family gathering.

 Click HERE for pictures of GRP/FRP Hartley 16's

 Bilge Keels

 Please note that extra details for bilge-keel construction are not enclosed in the regular plan set. Although bilge-keels are an option they are of course not recommended for easy launching and retrieving on a trailer..

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