Husky 11'3"

Centre Console Adaption by Robert Darmanin

 Dear All, I am writing this email to thank you for the accurate boat plans that you have supplied me. I enjoyed building the boat as it has easy to follow plans. The boat that I built was a Husky 11'3". I managed to add a side deck and a centre console, as you can see from the attached pictures. The back of the rear seat folds down to allow the motor to tilt, while not in use. With an 8HP Yamaha Enduro Two Stroke motor, the boat handles very well, even in rough waters. I finished the boat now and just launched it a week ago. I am very
satisfied with it. I am attaching some photos of the boat. I would appreciate if you can
post on your website, as I think this is the first Husky that has been built with a centre console. Thanks and Regards. Robert Darmanin. Mosta. Malta