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 By Colin Brookes mSNAME. amRINA.
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 Packed with drawings and photographs giving in-depth details of construction and fitting out of both power and sailboats in plywood, wood, grp/frp and steel for both amateurs and professionals.This Guide has been completely revised and updated.
  'Hartley's Guide To Boatbuilding'
  by Colin Brookes. mSNAME..amRINA... ( 10th Edition )
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  Ferro-cement Boats' is not just updated from Hartley's previous books, but an entirely new book. A book based on the authors hands-on personal experiences of more than 35 years of building, repairing, surveying and designing ferro-cement boats. Fully detailed with many pictures and drawings...in fact everything you will ever need to know about ferroboats from dinghys to submarines!!! 
Contents include......A history of ferroboats - Building techniques - Build your own ferroboat - Transporting & launching - General care & maintenance - Major and minor repairs - Structural alterations - Materials analysis - Ferro sheathing - Surveying - Designs - Buying - etc
  'Ferro-cement Boats'
  by Colin Brookes. mSNAME..amRINA... ( 3rd Edition )
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