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 The first solo woman crossing of the Tasman Sea was in a Hartley 'Tahitian 33'
 A modified 'Hartley 16' was sailed across the Atlantic by two Americans
 Peter Freeman held the solo round the world non stop record for almost 20 years in his 'Hartley 32'
 A woman sailed single handed from CapeTown to England in a 'Hartley Fijian'
 L to R....... Sprite, Flareline 15, Vixen 15.
Built by amateur Ken Finn, Dundrum, Ireland.
'Bini Bini', our slightly stretched FastWorker. Bini Bini was powered by a 200hp Volvo turbo in/out board, and she used to turn around 40 knots. Our 'Flareline 20' was powered by an 85hp Suzuki outboard, and she also really flew along, but I had no way of actually measuring her real speed. I'm not sure when we might begin to build the Voyager, but this will be the third H&B we will have built, or perhaps the fourth if you include the little dinghy, and all have been superb thus far. Best Regards, Keith Gardner. Hong Kong.
  The picture at left and the following attached letter was received in our office from Donald Barrett of Dalkey in Ireland................................. I enclose a photo of the Hartley Valiant which I built in 1971 from plans purchased from you. This photo is worth a thousand words and was taken for insurance purposes, when they had difficulty understanding that their insured's 'Vauxhall Viva', car, crashed in to my boat while moored in Balloch Harbour! The picture illustrates the strength of Hartley designs! The driver nearly drowned and the car was a write-off.
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