Fibreglass - grp/frp

 Glass or fibre re-inforced plastic, often referred to as 'glass fibre construction', is the method preferred by most professionals. Once a mould has been made, it is relatively easy to form hulls from it time and time again.

Unfortunately this is not the scenario for the amateur building his 'one-off'.

Material costs in many countries are high and mistakes can be costly.

Very difficult for the amateur to repair (sometimes impossible).

A temperature and humidity controlled building is often a necessity.

 However having said that 'if you still wish to go ahead'......

There are a number of methods the amateur can use.

1/ Use the plans to construct a mould for the hull.

2/ instead of covering the hull in sheet material, lightly batten it

and form the grp hull over it.

3/ batten as in the previous process, and plank and sheath with a

ready manufactured 'C flex' system.

4/ as in the previous two methods but use 'glass & foam sandwich'.

Above a Hartley 'Fast Worker'

Below a Hartley 'Auckland 34'