If you can already weld, building a Hartley boat in steel is easy.



 Hartley 30

 Marksman 27

 All steel boats (or ply suggested as suitable for steel), listed in our catalogue can be built with either 140 amp home stick welder or equivalent gas, mig or tig welders. And do not require specialised rolling or forming equipment. With modern paints and preparations rusting can be cut back considerably.

The four pictures below show a Hartley plywood design adapted for steel construction





Marksman under construction (above)

 A medium size Hartley powerboat hull built in steel from a plywood plan set

Boats can be built in the open, and hulls upside down or rightway up.

Upside down is easier and preferable as a building frame can be used.





 Hartley 30 under construction (above)

 Materials costs are fairly low and build time is minimal. But for prolonged life of the boat, careful and regular attention to maintenance must be given.

 Steel is a forgiving medium for boatbuilding, mistakes and repairs are easily done.

 The simple building proceedure is in six basic stages. 1/ construct a strongback (building frame). 2/ make the frames etc using the full size frame patterns and set up with the keel, stem, rim, stringers and chines as shown on the drawings. 3/ cover the framework with the steel sheeting. 4/ turn the hull over right side up and prop in position. 5/ finish the inside welds on the hull. 6/ build deck, cabin etc and fit out.

Caution, round bilge hulls are not normally within amateur capabilities.







 Round-bilge Hartley ferro-cement design adapted to steel construction (above)